Process-driven Answers to Supply Chain Digitalization


Process-driven Answers to Supply Chain Digitalization

It's more than just about Technology

Our love and expertise for new smart devices and digital platforms notwithstanding, we understand the importance of making sure that the overarching process landscape for sensitive goods distribution is sufficiently robust to tackle today's and tomorrow’s supply chain challenges. That is why we focus on delivering solutions where process and technology fit seamlessly together, providing our customers with the insights they need on a day-to-day basis. As part of our approach, we take the time to understand your challenges, your process landscape and work together towards the best solution using the right technology modules. 

From Measuring to Action

Connecting the Physical World to the Digital World

At Modum, we focus on delivering actionable insights to drive improvements and reduce risk in supply chains. 

Our solution portfolio closes the gap between the flow of physical goods to the digital world of shipment information and financial transactions. 

We accomplish this by addressing three key dimensions: 

  • MODsense: collecting digital data and monitoring relevant events in the physical world 

  • MODlink: automating business process across a supply chain ecosystem 

  • MODsight: optimizing supply chain processes based on advanced analytics and predictions 

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A simple, automated and trusted way of collecting, assessing and reporting conditions of sensitive goods as well as tracking their location. 

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Data-driven insights based on advanced analytics to understand the root-cause of events and to optimize cost and risk within the supply chain. 

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Transparency and automation by connecting involved stakeholders in a trusted platform and sharing supply chain events. 

Our Engagement Approach

Your Journey to Supply Chain Digitalization with Modum

  • Introduce Modum and get to know each other
  • Understand challenges and needs
  • Potentially discuss first high-level solution approach
  • Understand where we want to be and why we are not there today 
  • Define what is needed to get to where we want to be 
  • Scope the change on a high-level to get an indication of effort entailed 
  • Milestone: Is Modum the right partner? 
  • Discuss and agree on evaluation scenario, scope and success criteria 
  • Set-up and execute evaluation pilot 
  • Substantiate assumptions with trusted data 
  • Evaluate Modum solution fit and business case based on success criteria 
  • Milestone: Business case sound and change funding approved? 
  • Implement lean integration into existing processes and systems 
  • Test solution in the field 
  • Validate solution and achieve customer acceptance 
  • Roll-out according to agreed phases and train organization 
  • Milestone: Solution validated and accepted? 
  • Conclude (Phased) Go-Lives 
  • Monitor operational readiness and improve where needed 
  • Assess operational effectiveness and benefits 
  • Milestone: Celebrate success! 

We Innovate Using the Latest Technologies

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Internet of Things

  • Smart sensing for a wide range of environmental conditions
  • The latest connectivity options enable seamless process integration and notifications
  • Cryptographically secure hardware ensures data authenticity and that data cannot be manipulated
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  • Monitored data is verified on the blockchain
  • Temperature parameters create a unique record in the smart contract for each shipment, it is verified at readout to ensure data authenticity
  • Data integrity is ensured as datasets stored on the blockchain are immutable
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Artificial Intelligence

  • Self-learning models replace the manual modeling of shipment scenarios with a large variety of feature sets
  • Machine-learning methods facilitate high accuracy prediction and pattern recognition
  • Easily retrainable models adapt to changes in business scenarios

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