Supply Chain Optimization Powered by AI


Supply Chain Optimization Powered by AI

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Get More Out of Your Supply Chain Data

  • Gain aggregated insights from the acquired data through advanced analytics, such as pattern recognition and predictive analytics 
  • Understand the root-cause of deviations faster through data-driven scenario analysis 
  • Improve operational efficiency of the value chain while managing risk by applying predictive models 
  • Support and automate the decision-making process based on trusted data through system generated suggestions
The MODsight Packaging Selector

Save Packaging Costs while Keeping Risk Low

Active or passive temperature management systems are commonly used when shipping sensitive goods. However, such temperature management systems come with drawbacks in terms of operative handling and cost compared to standard packing materials.

What if using standard packaging would be sufficient based on favorable external temperature during shipment?

In collaboration with a client, we sampled more than 800 shipment routes across all regions of Switzerland during winter, to assess the potential for a risk-based approach to use conventional packaging for the shipment of medicinal products. We wanted to know how many shipments would not require full thermal insulation, but only reduced insulation or even none at all (standard packaging).

The Results

The result was astonishing: taking a cold-chain shipment with a temperature band of 2 to 8 °C, we found that approximately 40% of these shipments had the potential for optimization.

To offer our client an operative optimization tool, we created a model to predict the package temperature during transit using machine learning and created a first demonstrator: the MODsight Packaging Selector.

Analytics Built for You

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Aggregated Analytics

MODsight harnesses leading technology to provide aggregated analytics, offering your team a basis for increasing business intelligence, process improvement, and new opportunities.

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Better Forecasting

Better forecasting comes from using your unique enterprise data. The same data that you collect to fulfil quality requirements and meet regulatory obligations can be leveraged for predictions.

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A Global View

By aggregating your organization's data with the trusted data from your industry sector, MODsight can offer an unprecedented perspective.

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