MODsense One

Temperature Monitoring Made Easy

MODsense One

Temperature Monitoring Made Easy

A Simple yet Smart Solution, Saving You both Time and Money

MODsense One, Modum's award-winning temperature monitoring solution, saves you both time and money while giving you peace-of-mind through both an unprecedented ease-of-use in combination with IoT-powered automation and blockchain-powered data integrity.


Ideal for secondary distribution or clinical trials, as well as unplanned, immediate monitoring needs, MODsense One allows you to monitor any amount of shipments at your fingertips in a cost-effective and simple manner - anytime and anywhere!

MODsense One

Most Efficient and Easy to Use Temperature Monitoring Solution on the Market

It’s as easy as one-two-three: our mobile application and a MODsense T data logger is all you need to start monitoring the temperature of sensitive goods from sender to recipient 

  • MODsense One is a fully pharma qualified solution and scalable for enterprise applications, with NFC or ERP connectivity options 
  • MODsense One is ideal for last-stage logistics, intra-logistics, closed-loop shipments and clinical trials 
  • MODsense One – the perfect way to start your supply chain digitalization journey with Modum
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Easy-to-Handle Processes

  • Quick pairing of the logger with the package through NFC, BLE or SDK and quick readout without opening the package
  • Instant notifications of excursions & events
  • User-friendly, role-based web application for deviation management
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Qualified for Medicinal Products

  • Supports compliance with regulatory requirements such as GDP
  • WHO Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) authorized
  • Data integrity ensured by blockchain
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Integrate Easily With Existing Processes

  • Deep integration into existing processes and tools via SDK's
  • Easy integration into existing ERP and blockchain systems, such as SAP
  • Supports track-and-trace and anti-counterfeit applications
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High Security and Data Integrity

  • Device generated data signature using asymmetric cryptography to link measurement data uniquely to data logger
  • Blockchain backend ensures data cannot be manipulated
  • Generate and export audit reports on demand

Significantly Save Costs and Time with MODsense One

MODsense One was designed with reducing the overall monitoring effort in mind from initial setup, data logger handling to data readout, access and availability, while at the same time not compromising quality.

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Start monitoring immediately

  • Requires only 30 minutes to configure to get started with a first shipment 
  • Minimal user training required due to intuitive and simple workflow 
  • No special system requirements 
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Reduce TCO of monitoring

  • Reduces process handling cost per shipment up to a factor of 9 
  • Minimize stock buffers due to significant reduction in time-to-data 
  • No upfront investment costs required based on flexible pay-as-you-go models 
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Simplify Quality Management

  • Reduce blind spots with greater increased transparency and quality of measurement data 
  • Automatic creation of immutable management evidence 
  • Focus efforts on deviations only through automatic quality release 

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How does it work?

Step 1: Sending the Shipment

Shipment-specific quality requirements such as temperature alarms and logger parameters are set in advance by a quality manager so that your logistics team can simply pair the data logger for instance with BLE or an NFC plate and by scanning the shipment ID. In two simple steps, the shipment is secure and ready for dispatch. A smart contract containing the sensor’s private key to ensure data authenticity and the quality requirements has now been created. 

Step 2: En Route

While in transit, the MODsense data logger measures the temperature conditions that the shipment is subject to. During transit this valuable data is secured and stored locally in the tamper-proof sensor. Because the sensor’s private key generated the smart contract where the data will later be verified, the sensor cannot be substituted or manipulated. 

Step 3: Receiving the shipment

When the package is received, the shipment ID on the parcel can be scanned by the end user or a third-party logistics provider who has the MODsense One app integrated into their track-and-trace application. When a readout is performed, the logger uses BLE to connect via the scanning device to a secure backend, where the data is stored and then verified in the blockchain. The data logger can be simply returned to the sender by mail or the carrier. 


MODsense One's Web and Pairing Applications

The MODsense One web app allows your team to automate monitoring processes using the MODsense T temperature logger. It is an environment to define quality requirements for different types of shipments that offers shipment management and quality assurance tools, providing data exports and audit reports.

The MODsense One pairing apps allow for immediate activation of the temperature logger via mobile app, mobile SDK, and NFC. It offers a fast and secure wireless read-out without requiring the shipment to be opened. 


The MODsense T Temperature Logger

Modum's IoT sensing device

The MODsense T temperature logger is an important component of our GDP compliant solution for pharma distribution. It evaluates the temperature data it collects against pre-configured shipment-specific alarm criteria. The logger can be configured wirelessly and offers immutable and tamper-proof recording of data for regulatory compliance and quality checks.

2018 Winner

Swiss Digital Innovation of the Year

Modum's first solution, MODsense One, has won Digital Innovation of the Year 2018 at the Digital Economy Awards Switzerland. 

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