Next Generation Tracking and Monitoring


Next Generation Tracking and Monitoring

Solution Modules

A Monitoring Toolbox for Every Stage of the Supply Chain

Not every solution matches every stage in the distribution of sensitive goods and flexibility is key in order to meet tacking and monitoring requirements, while keeping costs in check. 

That is why we offer a wide range of solution modules on a software and sensing device level, as well as individual integration options. 

In addition, we support a variety of data communication options to ensure you have access to insights at any point in time. 

As part of a workshop, we support you in tailoring the best set-up for your tracking and monitoring needs, assessing together with you what modules are best for the challenge at hand. 

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Why Use MODsense?

Flexible, Easy-To-Use and Future-Proof Monitoring Solutions for Demanding Supply Chains

  • Flexible solution modules to cater to every stage in the supply chain and keep costs at a minimum 
  • Extract valuable supply chain data with minimal effort for business process automation and optimization 
  • Manage deviations on a shipment and article level effectively and efficiently 
  • Access information from anywhere at any time on both desktop and mobile devices 
  • Data integrity by design ensured by storing data fingerprints and blockchain events
  • Minimize the handling time of each shipment for all involved stakeholders, from sender to receiver 
  • Integrate easily and step-by-step into existing logistics processes and IT systems 
MODsense One

The Award-Winning Temperature Monitoring Solution for Demanding Supply Chains

  • Certified and validated 
  • Winner of multiple innovation awards 
  • Simple and intuitive to set-up and operate 
  • Step-by-step integration according to your needs 
  • Scalable and economical 

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