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October 2021

Thu 21 Oct
Fri 22 Oct

6th Pharma Supply Chain Conference (PSIP)

Basel, Switzerland

PSIP is a platform to connect with leading and active influential professionals.

The PSIP conference, covers all aspects of Supply Chain and Logistics and the digitalization, covering Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Blockchain, as well as new ideas for next level business growth and profitability. 

Simon Dössegger will deliver a keynote, looking at "End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility – The What, Why and How" and will share his insights on holistic Supply Chain Management for sensitive Goods. He will address the challenges of pharma supply chain tracking from an end-to-end perspective and on article-level, and explain how to use emerging technologies to optimize and automate supply chains.

Modum will also be represented by Robert von Arx. Set up a meeting with Simon and Robert today! 

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