About Us

A Reliable and Agile Partner

About Us

A Reliable and Agile Partner

Modum is a fast-growing start-up, providing innovative digital supply chain solutions with global partners.

Modum is a young Zurich-based company founded in 2016 by a group of entrepreneurs with backgrounds in technology and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Modum offers next generation solutions for supply chain intelligence and automation, creating digital ecosystems powered by IoT sensing technology, blockchain-based networks and artificial intelligence for a wide range of applications related to sensitive goods in various industries.

Modum collaborates with global technology partners such as SAP and AWS, as well as business partners such as Swiss Post and Deloitte, to ensure solutions are fit-for-purpose and meet market needs.

To ensure quality standards within the company remain high, Modum’s quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

What We Stand For

Modum’s Mission and Vision

The Modum team is committed to be the measure of all things in transforming global supply chains into transparent, trusted and efficient digital ecosystems.

Therefore we reliably create and provide innovative supply chain solutions based on trusted data to monitor, automate and optimize supply chains, increasing quality while minimizing waste and inefficiencies.

We live by the following key principles in everything we do: reliability & quality, customer success, trusted relationships, and agility & innovation.

What We Believe In

Modum’s Values


Reliability & Quality

We are a reliable partner, developing quality solutions with a focus on results.


Customer Success

Service-based pricing models, intended for scalability and efficiency, mean your success is our success.


Trusted Relationships

Transparency and integrity from Modum are our precursors to working with your team, your data, and your customers.


Agility & Innovation

We are agile, addressing challenges with innovation and using a critical, unbiased perspective.



Industry Recognition

Awards + Nominations

The 2018 Swiss Digital Economy Award

Winner: Digital Innovation of the Year
Project: MODsense



The 2018 Swiss Logistics Award

Finalist: Logistics Award
Project: MODsense

Industry Associations


The Swiss Blockchain Federation is a public–private partnership, combining agents from the blockchain sector, the fields of politics and economics, the scientific community and the public sphere.

Swiss ICT is the leading network for information and communication technology professionals. swissICT promotes the effectiveness and efficiency of information and communication technology (ICT) in the Swiss economy.

Verein Netzwerk Logistik Schweiz connects business and research in a collaborative effort to change the traditional, functional view of logistics and adopt new approaches to increase capability, productivity and performance through logistics innovation. 


Meet our Team

Modum’s team is made up of talented engineers, developers, designers, and industry specialists with a drive to solve complex problems with simple solutions.

Work With Us

We are always looking for like-minded team people to join our growing team.